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Don't create new broker and producer instances

Before, new broker and producer instances were created for each
substream and immediately replaced with the instances stored in the
application object.
The large amount of new instances is unnecessary and triggered a
resource leak in the Python broker wrapper.
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......@@ -110,24 +110,33 @@ class Application:
logging.basicConfig(level=log_level, format=format)"Log level set to %s", log_level)
# TODO: resuse the same broker and sender objects for all threads
# TODO: resusing the same broker and sender objects for all threads relies
# on an implementation detail of create_instance_from_configurable
def _create_streamer(self, substream=None):
consumer = create_instance_from_configurable(
self.consumer_class, self.options["receiver"])
if self.receiver_broker: = self.receiver_broker
kwargs = {"broker": self.receiver_broker}
kwargs = {}
consumer = create_instance_from_configurable(
self.consumer_class, self.options["receiver"], kwargs=kwargs)
if not self.receiver_broker:
self.receiver_broker =
if self.producer_class:
sender = create_instance_from_configurable(
self.producer_class, self.options["sender"])
if self.sender_broker:
assert self.sender_producer is not None = self.sender_broker
sender.producer = self.sender_producer
kwargs = {
"broker": self.sender_broker,
"producer": self.sender_producer}
kwargs = {}
sender = create_instance_from_configurable(
self.producer_class, self.options["sender"], kwargs=kwargs)
if not self.sender_broker:
self.sender_broker =
self.sender_producer = sender.producer
......@@ -165,7 +165,8 @@ def create_instance_from_configurable(
def create_instance_from_attribute(attribute, options, kwargs):
assert( not in kwargs)
if in kwargs:
config_entry = attribute.metadata[CONFIGURABLE_CONFIG_ENTRY]
if not config_entry.flatten:
options = options.get(, {})
......@@ -418,7 +418,7 @@ def test_merge_flattened_config_from_builder_in_parent_cli(capsys):
Flattened config options from builder function are merged with identical
config options of a parent class.
This test fails with attrs version 20.1.0 due to a regression in attrs.
The regression is fixed in attrs version 20.2.0.
......@@ -454,3 +454,22 @@ def test_merge_flattened_config_from_builder_in_parent_cli(capsys):
captured_flat = capsys.readouterr()
assert captured_flattened == captured_flat
def test_create_instance_overwrite_options_via_kwargs():
options = {
"simple_attribute": 10,
"configurable_attribute": {
"untyped": "whatever"}}
simple_attribute = 11
configurable_attribute = ConfigurableClass("whatever else")
extern_attribute = ExternClass(2, 2.34)
kwargs = {
"simple_attribute": simple_attribute,
"configurable_attribute": configurable_attribute,
"extern_attribute": extern_attribute}
instance = create_instance_from_configurable(
TopLevel, options, kwargs=kwargs)
assert instance.simple_attribute is simple_attribute
assert instance.configurable_attribute is configurable_attribute
assert instance.extern_attribute is extern_attribute
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