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# SimpleCalo : simple program to run a calorimeter simulation with Geant4 and GFlash
......@@ -53,3 +52,24 @@ The example creates an [EDM4hep]( ROOT file `
`MCParticles` with the incoming true particle and `SimCalorimeterHits` with the individual hits created during the simulation.
This file can be further analysed with `ROOT` as usual. See [./draw_simhits.C](./draw_simhits.C) for an example.
## JuypterLab in NAF
1. Go to
2. Open a terminal ("New" --> "Terminal")
3. Execute these commands:
module load anaconda3
export NAME=CaloFoo
source ~/${NAME}/bin/activate
pip install ipykernel uproot h5py
python -m pip install -U pip
python -m pip install -U matplotlib
ipython kernel install --user --name=myKernelCalo
4. Now you should be able to see your environment (myKernelCalo) once you create a new notebook
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