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## Overview
This simple example creates a layered sandwich calorimeter that can be used to run either a GFlash parameterisation
or a standard Geant4 simulation for the detector response. The detector geometry is very simple and consists of
alternating absorber and sensitive layers that can be made of differen - or the same - materials. The later can be
used to study the effect of the `GFlashHomoShowerParameterisation`. Optionally the `GFlashSamplingShowerParameterisation` is used.
The parameters for the detector geometry (incl. readout cell sizes) are defined in [./include/SimpleCaloConfig.hh](./include/SimpleCaloConfig.hh).
Also materials and the Gflash parameterisation to be used are defined there. (Recompilation is needed for changes to take effect.
## Building the example
The example can be build with the usual `cmake` workflow, e.g:
cd SimpleCalo
mkdir build
cmake ..
make -j 4 install
## Running the example
There example can be run either with an interactive `ui`:
where the macro `vis.mac` is executed - or in batch mode running a macro given on the command line, e.g.
../bin/SimpleCalo test.mac
In `test.mac` you can select the particle type, energy and wether GFlash (`/GFlash/flag 1`) or Geant4 (`/GFlash/flag 0`) are used.
## Output
The example creates an [EDM4hep]( ROOT file `SimpleCaloEDM4hep.root` with two collections:
`MCParticles` with the incoming true particle and `SimCalorimeterHits` with the individual hits created during the simulation.
This file can be further analysed with `ROOT` as usual. See [./draw_simhits.C](./draw_simhits.C) for an example.
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