Commit 69cd30f9 authored by Yuelong Yu's avatar Yuelong Yu
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working on pco4000

parent c5652eb6
......@@ -24,5 +24,5 @@
namespace PcoNS
const std::string PCOSDK_VERSION="0.3";
const std::string PCOSDK_VERSION="0.4";
......@@ -22,6 +22,11 @@
namespace PcoNS
int Pco4000::GetCoolingSetpointTemperature(short& shTemperature)
if(m_sptrCamera->PCO_GetCoolingSetpointTemperature(&shTemperature) != OK)
......@@ -156,7 +161,7 @@ namespace PcoNS
return OK;
int Pco4000::GetImageData(vector<unsigned short>& vImg,int& nX,int& nY)
int Pco4000::GetImageData(vector<short>& vImg,int& nX,int& nY)
int nPicNum = 1;
void* ptrAddr;
......@@ -27,26 +27,35 @@ namespace PcoNS
class Pco4000 : public PcoProduct
int GetCoolingSetpointTemperature(short& shTemperature);
int SetCoolingSetpointTemperature(short shTemperature);
~Pco4000() = default;
int GetBinning(short& shBinHorz,short& shBinVert);
int SetBinning(short shBinHorz,short shBinVert);
int GetPixelRate(int& nPixelRate) override;
int SetPixelRate(int nPixelRate) override;
int GetRecorderMode(short& shRecorderMode) override;
int SetRecorderMode(short shRecorderMode) override;
int GetCoolingSetpointTemperature(short& shTemperature) override;
int SetCoolingSetpointTemperature(short shTemperature) override;
int GetBinning(short& shBinHorz,short& shBinVert) override;
int SetBinning(short shBinHorz,short shBinVert) override;
int GetADCOperation(short& shADCNum);
int SetADCOperation(short shADCNum);
int GetADCOperation(short& shADCNum) override;
int SetADCOperation(short shADCNum) override;
int SetStorageMode(short shStorageMode);
int ClearRAMSegment();
int StartAcq(int nFrameNumbers);
int StopAcq();
int GetImageData(vector<unsigned short>& vImg,int& nX,int& nY);
int StartAcq(int nFrameNumbers) override;
int StopAcq() override;
int GetImageData(vector<short>& vImg,int& nX,int& nY) override;
int PreAcq();
vector<unsigned short> m_vImg;
vector<short> m_vImg;
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