Commit 78d36abd authored by Tigran Mkrtchyan's avatar Tigran Mkrtchyan
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dcache-cta: visualize test coverage

parent 40174131
- build
- visualize
variables: variables:
MAVEN_CLI_OPTS: "--batch-mode --errors --fail-at-end --show-version -DinstallAtEnd=true -DdeployAtEnd=true" MAVEN_CLI_OPTS: "--batch-mode --errors --fail-at-end --show-version -DinstallAtEnd=true -DdeployAtEnd=true"
REPO_NAME: nfs4j REPO_NAME: nfs4j
image: maven:3.6.3-openjdk-11
# Cache downloaded dependencies and plugins between builds. # Cache downloaded dependencies and plugins between builds.
# To keep cache across branches add 'key: "$CI_JOB_NAME"' # To keep cache across branches add 'key: "$CI_JOB_NAME"'
cache: cache:
...@@ -16,8 +18,9 @@ cache: ...@@ -16,8 +18,9 @@ cache:
build: build:
stage: build stage: build
image: maven:3.6.3-openjdk-11
script: script:
- mvn $MAVEN_CLI_OPTS clean package - mvn $MAVEN_CLI_OPTS clean org.jacoco:jacoco-maven-plugin:prepare-agent package jacoco:report
artifacts: artifacts:
reports: reports:
...@@ -26,3 +29,17 @@ build: ...@@ -26,3 +29,17 @@ build:
- "**/target/failsafe-reports/TEST-*.xml" - "**/target/failsafe-reports/TEST-*.xml"
paths: paths:
- "**/target/dcache-cta*.tar.gz" - "**/target/dcache-cta*.tar.gz"
# Must be in a stage later than test-jdk11's stage.
# The `visualize` stage does not exist by default.
# Please define it first, or choose an existing stage like `deploy`.
stage: visualize
# convert report from jacoco to cobertura, using relative project path
- python /opt/ target/site/jacoco/jacoco.xml $CI_PROJECT_DIR/src/main/java/ > target/site/cobertura.xml
needs: ["build"]
cobertura: target/site/cobertura.xml
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