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docs: describe how to use custom statistics module

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......@@ -16,3 +16,38 @@
- io_info4 modified to use primitive longs as member fields
- LayoutDriver#acceptLayoutReturnData accepts CompoundContext as argument
- Introduced `ExportTable` interface to allow alternative ways for file system export management.
- removed NFSServerV1#getStatistics and OperationFactoryMXBeanImpl. The same functionality can be achieved by decorating OperationExecutor.
The following example uses io.dropwizard.metrics to collect and publish statistics:
public class MetricAwareOperationExecutor implements OperationExecutor {
private final OperationExecutor inner;
private final MetricRegistry metrics;
private final JmxReporter reporter;
public MetricAwareOperationExecutor(OperationExecutor inner) {
this.inner = inner;
this.metrics = new MetricRegistry();
this.reporter = JmxReporter
public nfs_resop4 execute(CompoundContext context, nfs_argop4 arg) throws IOException, OncRpcException {
final Timer requests = metrics.timer(nfs_opnum4.toString(arg.argop));
final Timer.Context time = requests.time();
try {
return inner.execute(context, arg);
} finally {
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