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# Changes to NFS4J public API
## 0.21
- deprecated methods in *org.dcache.nfs.vfs.VirtualFileSystem*
- VirtualFileSystem#read(org.dcache.nfs.vfs.Inode, byte[], long, int)
- VirtualFileSystem#write(org.dcache.nfs.vfs.Inode, byte[], long, int, org.dcache.nfs.vfs.VirtualFileSystem.StabilityLevel)
- stateid4 modified to use primitive int as seqid field.
## 0.20
- VirtualFileSystem extended with methods to handle extended attributes
- getXattr
- setXattr
- listXattrs
- removeXattr
## 0.19
- NFSv41DeviceManager methods updated to take raw XDR arguments:
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