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nfsv42: add copy-offload notification collback to the back channel

When an async server side copy is performed, then server must notify the
client on completion.

Add copy-offload notification to the back channel.

the ground work for async server side copy

Acked-by: Paul Millar
Target: master
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* Copyright (c) 2009 - 2020 Deutsches Elektronen-Synchroton,
* Copyright (c) 2009 - 2021 Deutsches Elektronen-Synchroton,
* Member of the Helmholtz Association, (DESY), HAMBURG, GERMANY
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.CB_COMPOUND4args;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.CB_COMPOUND4res;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.CB_LAYOUTRECALL4args;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.CB_NOTIFY_DEVICEID4args;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.CB_OFFLOAD4args;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.CB_SEQUENCE4args;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.bitmap4;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.callback_sec_parms4;
......@@ -46,6 +47,7 @@ import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.notify4;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.notify_deviceid_delete4;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.notify_deviceid_type4;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.notifylist4;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.offload_info4;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.offset4;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.referring_call_list4;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.sessionid4;
......@@ -54,6 +56,7 @@ import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.stateid4;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.uint32_t;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.uint64_t;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.utf8str_cs;
import org.dcache.nfs.v4.xdr.write_response4;
import org.dcache.oncrpc4j.rpc.OncRpcException;
import org.dcache.oncrpc4j.rpc.RpcAuth;
import org.dcache.oncrpc4j.rpc.RpcAuthType;
......@@ -262,4 +265,31 @@ public class ClientCB {
public void cbOffload(nfs_fh4 fh, stateid4 stateid, write_response4 response) throws OncRpcException, IOException {
CB_OFFLOAD4args copyOffload = new CB_OFFLOAD4args();
copyOffload.coa_fh = fh;
copyOffload.coa_stateid = stateid;
copyOffload.coa_offload_info = new offload_info4();
copyOffload.coa_offload_info.coa_resok4 = response;
copyOffload.coa_offload_info.coa_status = nfsstat.NFS_OK;
nfs_cb_argop4 opArgs = new nfs_cb_argop4();
opArgs.argop = nfs_cb_opnum4.OP_CB_OFFLOAD;
opArgs.opcboffload = copyOffload;
var slot = _clientSession.acquireSlot();
XdrAble args = generateCompound(slot,"cb_offload", opArgs);
CB_COMPOUND4res res = new CB_COMPOUND4res();, args, res);
} finally {
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