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docs: add API-changes file to describe migration path

as nfs4j api is not stable yet, breaking changes have to be documented.

add as well as warning in the

library users are better informed.

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Acked-by: Lea Morschel
Acked-by: Olufemi Adeyemi
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# Changes to NFS4J public API
## 0.19
- NFSv41DeviceManager methods updated to take raw XDR arguments:
- layoutGet(...) -> layoutGet(CompoundContext context, LAYOUTGET4args args)
- layoutReturn(...) -> layoutReturn(CompoundContext context, LAYOUTRETURN4args args)
- getDeviceInfo(...) -> getDeviceInfo(CompoundContext context, GETDEVICEINFO4args args)
- getDeviceList(...) -> getDeviceList(CompoundContext context, GETDEVICELIST4args args)
- NFSv41DeviceManager extended with additional methods:
- layoutCommit
- layoutError
- layoutStats
- io_info4 modified to use primitive longs as member fields
- LayoutDriver#acceptLayoutReturnData accepts CompoundContext as argument
- Introduced `ExportTable` interface to allow alternative ways for file system export management.
......@@ -81,6 +81,16 @@ Use NFS4J in your project
Though **NFS4J** is used by the [dCache]( and other projects in production,
the public API is still _unstable_ and subject to change (indicated by leading zero in the
version number). Thus, is should be considered as `beta`.
Please consult the [API changes]( document when switching between version numbers.
The patch level releases are not affected by API changes, of course.
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