Commit 2af2c69b authored by Tigran Mkrtchyan's avatar Tigran Mkrtchyan
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nfsv41: fix sequence number on create session reply

according to the spec the sequence number retured on
CREATE_SESSION *MUST* be equal to a sequence number
provided by the client.
parent ebf8cad4
package org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.nfsstat4;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.sequenceid4;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.uint32_t;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.nfs_argop4;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.nfs4_prot;
......@@ -131,14 +130,6 @@ public class OperationCREATE_SESSION extends AbstractNFSv4Operation {
res.csr_resok4.csr_sessionid =;
res.csr_resok4.csr_sequence = _args.opcreate_session.csa_sequence;
* from spec:
* Once the session is created, the first SEQUENCE or CB_SEQUENCE
* received on a slot MUST have a sequence ID equal to 1;
* if not the server MUST return NFS4ERR_SEQ_MISORDERED.
res.csr_resok4.csr_sequence = new sequenceid4( new uint32_t( 1 ) );
/* we do not support callback connections on the same line*/
res.csr_resok4.csr_flags = new uint32_t( _args.opcreate_session.csa_flags.value ^ nfs4_prot.CREATE_SESSION4_FLAG_CONN_BACK_CHAN);
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