Commit 205ea10e authored by Tigran Mkrtchyan's avatar Tigran Mkrtchyan
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utils: add string to uft8_mixed

parent 98a1a6f4
......@@ -16,11 +16,7 @@
package org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.nfsace4;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.utf8str_cs;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.nfs4_prot;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.utf8str_cis;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.utf8string;
import org.dcache.chimera.nfs.v4.xdr.*;
public class HimeraNFS4Utils {
......@@ -72,4 +68,13 @@ public class HimeraNFS4Utils {
public static utf8str_cis string2utf8str_cis(String str) {
return new utf8str_cis(new utf8string(str.getBytes()));
* Convert String to a case insensitive string of UTF-8 characters.
* @param str
* @return utf8str_mixed representation of <i>str</i>
public static utf8str_mixed string2utf8str_mixed(String str) {
return new utf8str_mixed(new utf8string(str.getBytes()));
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