Commit 0c9de0ae authored by Tigran Mkrtchyan's avatar Tigran Mkrtchyan
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vfs: fix javadoc of VfsCache#invalidateStatCache

Acked-by: Lea Morschel
Acked-by: Svenja Meyer
Target: master
parent 5f2e0cd8
......@@ -214,8 +214,7 @@ public class VfsCache extends ForwardingFileSystem {
* Discards cached {@link Stat} value for given {@link Inode}.
* @param parent inode
* @param path to invalidate
* @param inode The inode for which cached state value should be invalidated.
public void invalidateStatCache(final Inode inode) {
_statCache.invalidate(new Opaque(inode.getFileId()));
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