1. 29 May, 2018 1 commit
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  6. 11 May, 2018 2 commits
    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Replaced the unlimited thread spawining by a thread pool of limited size. · e2929dcc
      Eric Cano authored
      The size is set to 500 to allow unit tests to pass.
      Next steps are: port the mechanism to retrieve, and make the thread pool size configurable.
    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Split queuing archive requests in top and bottom half. · fdb435a5
      Eric Cano authored
      The top half goes as far as when the request is safe in the object store.
      At that point, the bottom half is launched in a new thread, and success is returned
      the called. This will enable lower latency for the users while retaining
      the same data safety.
      This version is experimental aas it spans an undetermined number of threads. A more controlled
      version with a work queue should be implenented on the long run.
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  9. 22 Mar, 2018 1 commit
    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Implemented bulk retrieve request reporting · 72933cef
      Eric Cano authored
      Successful retrieve requests are asynchronously deleted as soon as they
      are complete. Then from time to time (every 500), the requests get removed from
      process ownership in bulk.
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    • Victor Kotlyar's avatar
      Implement 'cta drive rm' command. · 44fdef7c
      Victor Kotlyar authored
      Command will remove drive or drives by regex from the drive register.
      The drives must be in state Down unless --force option is set.
      Usage: rm <drive_name> [--force/-f]
      If there is any active tapeserver with this drive it will create the
      entry in the drive register again with Down status.
      Example of the usage:
        cta drive rm ^VDSTK
        Drive VDSTK41 in state Free and force is not set (skipped).
        Drive VDSTK42 removed.
  16. 14 Sep, 2017 1 commit
    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Added new states for the drive: Probing and Shutdown. · e49e26b7
      Eric Cano authored
      The probe state is also used. It represents the time when the drive is being checked
      for tapes during the down to up transition.
      Shutdown is not in use yet as it requires changing the behaviour of the system (clean shutdowns).
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    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Added logging to archive jobs requeueing. · aedb3156
      Eric Cano authored
      Log added to ArchiveJob::~ArchiveJob() and ArchiveRequest::garbageCollect().
      Removed deprecated functions from previous archive directory model (pre-catalogue).
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    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Created a helper function for retrieve queue selection. · be6d0b4d
      Eric Cano authored
      In order to be efficient, the data (tape status and queue sizes) is cached in memory.
      This function needed access to the catalogue (where the tape status is located).
      This in turn required passing the catalogue object to:
       - The garbage colletion functions for all object types.
       - The garbage collector object now keeps a reference to the catalogue.
       - The path to the catalogue credential file should now be passed to cta-objectstore-collect-orphaned-object
       - The OStoreDB also needs a reference to the catalogue in order to queue retrive requests.
       The garbage collection member function are now also being passed a log context, so the requirement for better
       log of object fate can also be fulfilled later. This in turn required the passing of a logger object to
       the object store and relative helper classes.
       Finally, a dummy catalogue class has been created to be used in unit tests.
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