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      bug #103190: Constraint violation errors thrown by the GC. · 78592583
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      Further fixes on top of previous commit, still related to SR #140319.
      We can't ensure no one creates entities connected to a CastorFile as
      in particular draining and rebalancing activities may create many
      Disk2DiskCopyJob entries in bulk without taking locks on the
      corresponding files. Thus we have to compensate to constraint violation
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      Refactoring of the disk to disk copy code. · 9bb2b135
      Sebastien Ponce authored
      This includes :
        - merge of d2dtransfer into diskmanagerd
        - drop of the WAITDISKTODISKCOPY state in DiskCopy, and of the diskcopies for ongoing replication in general. Now DiskCopies are only created at the end of the replication, when they actually exist on disk
        - drop of the StageReplicaRequest table and concept
        - introduction of the DiskToDiskCopyJob table, holding the list of ongoing disk to disk copies
        - a split of transferToSchedule into userTransferToSchedule and D2dTransferToSchedule
        - an according split in the dispatcher part of the transfer manager to call both methods. Note that with this commit, both methods fill the same FIFO queue of transfers and both take everything they can find without any throttling.
      At this stage, the draining facility is broken.
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    • Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar
      Bug #99889: RFE: Enable support for read-only hardware · f7beb835
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      - Introduced support for a READONLY state for Diskservers and Filesystems.
      Hardware in such a state will accept migrations, [PrepareTo]Get and
      DiskCopyReplica requests, and will not accept recalls or [PrepareTo]Put/Update
      ones when they switch to write mode.
      - Dropped the {DiskServer,FileSystem}.adminStatus fields and the obsoleted
      code around them and introduced a new DiskServer.hwOnline boolean field, which
      is updated by the heartbeat reports and displayed by printdiskserver.
      In turn, modifydiskserver can not change the online flag but only the status.
      For backward compatibility, on stager_qry -s a Diskserver will be reported
      as DISABLED if hwOnline = 0 regardless its status.
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      Added timeout handling in bulkDeleteRequests, to help avoiding · bd144389
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      to drop Repack requests when they are just inserted without SubRequests
      (Only case in the request handling logic). The solution is not perfect
      though, there's a race between the cleaning job being too aggressive
      and the NS answering too slowly for a Repack request to start getting
      populated before the timeout. To be improved.
  33. 22 Sep, 2011 1 commit
    • Sebastien Ponce's avatar
      Redesign of the DB schema for the tape side allowing to drop the migHunter. · 5b172c43
      Sebastien Ponce authored
      The main gains are :
        - simpler DB schema : StreamToTapeCopy and SvcClass2TapePool have disappeared. TapeCopy is split in to the dedicated RecallJob and MigrationJob. Stream is replaced by MigrationMount that includes all data needed from the Tape table (so the Tape table only used by recall now).
        - simpler concepts : MigrationMounts match with mounts and do not survive them (as Stream did), MigrationRouting table explicitely gives the migration routing. NbDrives has moved to the TapePool
        - less components : migHunter is gone, replaced by the MigrationRouting table and by a DB job that starts the needed mounts
        - better error reporting : migration failures due to bad configuration are reported sunchronously to the user, on file close or even on file opening when possible. e.g. if the combination of svcClass and fileClass given by the the user is not present in the MigrationRouting table, the file opening will fail with message "File recreation canceled since the file cannot be routed to tape". This case used to loop forever in the migration part.
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    • Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar
      Completed implementation of bug #83111 (CM: Remove Id2Type and · 0f918bca
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      the logic around it from the CASTOR schemata) for the stager db.
      This involved the usage of SubRequest.reqType where needed, and a
      major change of subRequestToDo and subRequestFailedToDo, which now
      return the corresponding Request and Client data in one go for the
      stager processing.
      Furthermore, fillObj() calls where the remote entity is an abstract
      class (like OBJ_Request) have been dropped, and (one) createObj()
      call without type has been amended.
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