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      #533 Changed strategy for implementation. · 6385126d
      Eric Cano authored
      Moved the space reservation information to the DriveStatus object store object instead of a new central registry.
      The central registry would have been a single point of contention as was the DriveRegistry before being split into
      DriveStates. As the problem is so close to the one of the drive status, we can actually reuse the drive status for this purpose.
      The algorithm will also change as we move the responsibility of querying the free space from the disk systems into the OStoreDb
      object instead of the Scheduler. This leads to a slightly worth layering of responsibilities, making the OStoreDb::RetrieveMount
      object a client of the disk::DiskSystemFreeSpaceList object.
      The current implementation will also query the free space from the disk systems on each pop, instead of doing so in a globally
      cached fashion. With the new model, we could cache the free space per drive (if needed), but not globally. This is not expected
      to be a real issue and free space is a global counter in the disk system, expected to be readily available.
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      Expanded retrieve requests for repack · 19266cc0
      Eric Cano authored
      The retrieve requests now carry all the information necessary to create the archive jobs.
      Retrive requests carry an isRepack boolean. The distinction between repack and non-repack behaviour
      is pushed as low as possible in the api (in the object store) so that client code can be more
      generic. For the same reason, the
      The expand repack mode (re-creation of missing tape files) is not supported yet.
      Changed the represenation of copy numbers to uint32 (as this is the smalled number supported but protocol buffers).
      Added ArchiveRoute::StorageClassMap and ArchiveRoute::FullMap to store archive routing in memory.
      Added repack buffer base URL support, and mechanism to compute temporary copy location in disk cache.
      Fixed bug in ObjectOps<>::asyncInsert();
      Inplemented the path generation for repack disk storage (<BaseURL>/<VID>/<FSeq (09%d)>).
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      Implemented bulk retrieve request reporting · 72933cef
      Eric Cano authored
      Successful retrieve requests are asynchronously deleted as soon as they
      are complete. Then from time to time (every 500), the requests get removed from
      process ownership in bulk.
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      Implemented drive status support in drive register structure and code. · 56c4c332
      Eric Cano authored
      Added drive status reporting in scheduler
      Added drive status reporting in OStoreDB
      Added support for drive status listing in the front end
      Removed virtual functions from the Scheduler, which is never overloaded.
      Added DesiredDriveState structure to drive state.
      Removed usage of duplicate MountType, DriveStatus and DriveState structures.
      Created DriveInfo structure to allow recreation of drive register entry in all
      reporting situation (potentially with partial/assumed info).
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      Ported commits from castor/master: · 1797bcd6
      Victor Kotlyar authored
        ported only radosstriper part of tapserverd
        CASTOR-4739 tapeserverd should support localfile, rfio, xroot and
        rados striper access for disk files
        Implemented the support for direct rados striper support in
        The expected URL is currently: radosstriper:///user@pool:filePath
        (with no ':' in user and pool).
        Added missing test for the radosstriper URL parsing regex and fixed
        Fixed call striperPool: we now call the exception throwing version.
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      Started morphing the code to accomodate both the move some data structure from... · 7724a676
      Eric Cano authored
      Started morphing the code to accomodate both the move some data structure from OStoreDB to catalogue and shared structures modifications.
      Renamed class members using underscode instead of mixed case.
      Removed mount criteria from in-memory tape pool representation.
      Removed support for path of archive files for in-memory representations.
      Removed all but maxDrives allowed from in-memory representation of mount
      Created new constructor for UserIdentity.
      Switch the UserIdentity used by RemoteFileStatus.
      Renamed TapePoolQueue to ArchiveQueue.
      Replaced CreationLog usages with EntryLog.
      Renamed TapeQueue to RetrieveQueue.
      Removed support for data now gone to catalogue from RootEntry.
      Removed corresponding structures from object store.
      Removed corresponding calls from SchedulerDatabase and inheriting
      classes (OStoreDB).
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      Partial implementation of drive status reporting. · 656aa531
      Eric Cano authored
      The report packer should now also be referenced in the tape recall thread, so it can report the drive status.
      testingMocks/MockRetrieveMount.hpp needs to be improved so it handles les end of session correctly.
      Then the mechanism has to be mirrored in Archives (simpler case).
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