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      In an attempt not to re-ivent the wheel I have added the following three · 9effe700
      Steven Murray authored
      static (hidden) methods to the castor/log/Log.cpp file:
      These three methods are copies of the dlf_openlog(), dlf_closelog() and
      dlf_syslog() functions defined in the file CASTOR/dlf/dlf_lib.c.  I have
      renamed the associated static global variables using the "s_" naming convention.
      Please note that this commit does not finish the implementation of the new
      logging API (I here a groan from the back).  Again I'm looking for feedback
      (again another groan from the back).
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      First attempt at the replacment for the current DLF logging API. · 9aa97861
      Steven Murray authored
      This commit provides an empty implementation.  It's goal it to agree upon the
      API which is basically a cut down rip-off of the orginal DLF API.
      Isn't DLF already dead? I here you cry, well in line with good CASTOR tradition
      I reply both yes and no.  The server side of the Distributed Logging Facility,
      effectionately known as the Denis Logging Facility, has been gone for a while.
      However both the C and C++ APIs have remained, with the code implementing them
      simply sending CASTOR logs to rsyslog.
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      I am having a bad day with the following exception: · 5009bc3a
      Steven Murray authored
      I forgort to add it to the correct file in the debian directory.
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      Added the following missing file which meant that my local copy of CASTOR · dcf1932a
      Steven Murray authored
      could compile but unfortunately TeamCity could not.  Sorry for breaking the
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      Added the following CASTOR exception: · 929eff4d
      Steven Murray authored
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