1. 26 May, 2017 1 commit
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      Implement RAO at the drive level #57 · c8b74a53
      Cristina Moraru authored
      This commit adds the feature of querying the drive for the
      Recommended Access Order (RAO) of a series of files and adds
      a test file for this feature.
      Changes of this commit:
        *  Extend the DriveInterface with a virtual method queryRAO
      which takes as parameter the name of the file containing a set
      of files for which the RAO is requested. The line format of this
      file is the following:
        *  Extend DriveGeneric class with the implementation of the
      method queryRAO, along with a few other auxiliary methods; some
      key auxiliary methods are getLimitUDS, generateRAO, receiveRAO
        *  Add method queryRAO in object FakeDrive returning Exception:
      Not Implemented
        *  Add auxiliary constants and structures in a new 'RAO' namespace
        *  Add test file: BasicReadWriteTest.cpp which can perform 3 tests
      according to the setting of variable 'test'
      	1. BLOCK_TEST - basic read / write of blocks
      	2. FILE_TEST - writes a series of CASTOR files and reads
      a random one
      	3. RAO_TEST - performs a RAO query for a series of files
      given in the filename specified in argv[1]. The file format should
      respect the above mentioned order.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarCristina Moraru <cristina-gabriela.moraru@cern.ch>
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