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    • Eric Cano's avatar
      CASTOR-4832: tapeserverd should report error counts in the end of session statistics · 08e744a3
      Eric Cano authored
      Propagated references to the watchdog to disk and tape threads and tasks.
      Added a maps for storing the count of all errors that occured during the session.
      Added propagation of the counts to the initial process.
      Added error reporting in disk and tapes threads and tasks by using a string marker
      allowing to know which part went wrong in high level exception. Exceptions then
      bumps up the count in the watchdog (synchronously), and the watchdog sends the
      new count to the initial thread later (in the watchdog's thread).
      Plus some missing logs fixed when an exception is thrown in a disk write task.
      Added interface to reference the recall watchdog to the recall disk thread pool.
      Next: Do same for migration. Actually store the reference. Add new error map storing in watchdog. Add error reporting in tape and disk threads.
      WIP: Added missing file ID for disk write thread. Added missing error log when an exception is thrown in a disk write task.
      WIP: switching to CASTOR-4839 tapeserverd: task injector should decide on closing the session earlier
      WIP. Next: log unmount errors (in the RAII)
      Finished error counting in data threads.
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    • Eric Cano's avatar
      CASTOR-4823: tapeserverd's main process should log statistics and status of... · 6dba38c5
      Eric Cano authored
      CASTOR-4823: tapeserverd's main process should log statistics and status of the closing session in all cases
      Added new messages between the session process and the main process: addition and removal of log parameters.
      Added storage of the log parameters in the catalogueTransferSession.
      Added logging of the tape session at the end in the initial process, allowing statistics gathering even in
      case of crash. This standard log message is intended to be used as an input for the tape log system.
      Changed the default off the formatting of doubles in the log so that we don't end up with hard to parse
      scientific notation in the logs.
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    • Eric Cano's avatar
      CASTOR-4743: tapeserverd logs fixes Naan + unclear message · 302992f6
      Eric Cano authored
      The offending message has been changed in a previous case: CASTOR-4749
      Reviewed all bandwidth calculations to homogenize the statistics printing.
      Fixed a bug where the total time for a session was not properly retrieved before logging, leading to NaN printouts.
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    • Eric Cano's avatar
      CASTOR-4801: Failed recall mount of tapeserverd is not propagated to disk IO threads · 82f9fcbc
      Eric Cano authored
      Created a new unit test to try and reproduce the problem seen here. It did not.
      The best explanation we have is a stuck file client. As we totally fail to read data
      from the tape, it makes no sense to open a file for which we have no data. So we deferred
      the file opening when the first memory block arrives from the tape thread. The outputs of the
      unit test showed that the file opening has been successfully deferred.
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    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Added support for file client switching in tapeserverd. · a45a1761
      Eric Cano authored
      Tapeserverd now support file://, root:// rfio:// and radosStriper:// URLs, on top of heuristic protocol guessing from the hostname:[/]path synthax.
      The rados striper version is not yet fleshed out yet.
      The xroot client used for this is the latest object oriented client (XrdCl::File).
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