1. 12 Dec, 2013 2 commits
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      After discussion with Giuseppe I have added two improvements that he has · a32794c0
      Steven Murray authored
      kindly suggested.
      Firstly the instance() method assumes that destroyInstance() is not called
      concurrently with it so it can assume that in a multi-threaded scenario there is
      a single transition from s_instance being NULL to s_instance pointing to a newly
      created Log object.  This means the following mutex-less if statement can be at
      the beginning of the instance() method to increase performance:
        if(NULL != s_instance) {
          return *s_instance;
      Secondly the destructor of the Log class should be private in order to prevent
      clients from being able to directly delete the Log singleton.
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      I have changed the design of the proposed new CASTOR logging API, from a C like · 2a48875a
      Steven Murray authored
      collection of functions within a castor::log namespace to a more object
      oriented Singleton pattern.  Pleae note that the code is still far from
      finished, I am commit (compiling) code early in an attempt to increase feedback.
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