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      Refactoring of the disk to disk copy code. · 9bb2b135
      Sebastien Ponce authored
      This includes :
        - merge of d2dtransfer into diskmanagerd
        - drop of the WAITDISKTODISKCOPY state in DiskCopy, and of the diskcopies for ongoing replication in general. Now DiskCopies are only created at the end of the replication, when they actually exist on disk
        - drop of the StageReplicaRequest table and concept
        - introduction of the DiskToDiskCopyJob table, holding the list of ongoing disk to disk copies
        - a split of transferToSchedule into userTransferToSchedule and D2dTransferToSchedule
        - an according split in the dispatcher part of the transfer manager to call both methods. Note that with this commit, both methods fill the same FIFO queue of transfers and both take everything they can find without any throttling.
      At this stage, the draining facility is broken.
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      Many small improvements and fixes to the transfer manager and tools around it.... · 42bec4d2
      Sebastien Ponce authored
      Many small improvements and fixes to the transfer manager and tools around it. Most credits for finding the problems go to Dennis.
        - fixed header alignments in listtransfers
        - fixed case of keys in logs
        - set JobId to "unused for TM" in the stagerJob log
        - create the temporary files of the scheduling read only
        - show fileid in listtransfers
        - record the request id in all log messages where it makes sense
        - fixed rebuilding of diskserver manager queue when it restarts
        - handled properly log values contaning spaces
        - fixed too zealous retries to schedule d2d destination when source is not ready
        - improved drain mode, so that the transfer manager stops running when activity is over
        - fixed automatic reload for all parameters (some were cached and thus not reloaded properly)
        - reenabled active canceling of jobs on diskservers that did not start it first (was lost in some bad merge)
  21. 22 Mar, 2011 2 commits
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      Many fixes after a big testing session · fa20a8df
      Sebastien Ponce authored
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      Several improvements on the new scheduling component : · c4b41fad
      Sebastien Ponce authored
        - lot's of renaming. jobs are now transfers, client commands are named listtransfers, killtransfers and draintransfers, daemons are called diskmanagerd and transfermanagerd, packages are renamed accordingly, ...
        - a drain mode has been added to the transferdaemon to ease the retirement of machines running it
        - ports used are not colliding anymore with LSF so that we can let LSF run and only stop/start the jobmanagerd and the transfermanagerd when we switch from one mode to the other and back
        - the badmin command has dropped in favour of automatic, regular reload of all configuration files
        - client commands have been extended to allow restriction to a given diskpool and user
        - the listtransfer commands has been extended to display more parameters, depending on options (e.g. number of unique pending jobs in a pool, per protocols values)
        - reconnection to the ORACLE DB have been fixed
        - DLF logging has been fixed (both the wrapping of it through enums and the insertion of new facilities in the facility table)