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      Partially implemented retrive reporting for repack. · 8d7dcc98
      Eric Cano authored
      Changed the reporting structures in the repack request to better handle repoting
      (we will report one archive job per rearchived copy number, which is potentially
      several per fSeq.
      Created the getNextBatch() function for retrieve successes and partially implemented
      the report function.
  6. 05 Mar, 2019 2 commits
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      Expanded retrieve requests for repack · 19266cc0
      Eric Cano authored
      The retrieve requests now carry all the information necessary to create the archive jobs.
      Retrive requests carry an isRepack boolean. The distinction between repack and non-repack behaviour
      is pushed as low as possible in the api (in the object store) so that client code can be more
      generic. For the same reason, the
      The expand repack mode (re-creation of missing tape files) is not supported yet.
      Changed the represenation of copy numbers to uint32 (as this is the smalled number supported but protocol buffers).
      Added ArchiveRoute::StorageClassMap and ArchiveRoute::FullMap to store archive routing in memory.
      Added repack buffer base URL support, and mechanism to compute temporary copy location in disk cache.
      Fixed bug in ObjectOps<>::asyncInsert();
      Inplemented the path generation for repack disk storage (<BaseURL>/<VID>/<FSeq (09%d)>).
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      Reworked ArchiveRequest jobs lifecycles. · 391ca9a8
      Eric Cano authored
      Changed the lifecycle of the ArchiveRequest to handle the various
      combinations of several jobs and their respective success/failures.
      Most notably, the request now holds a reportdecided boolan, which
      is set when decing to report. This happens when failing to archive
      one copy (first failure), or when all copies are transferred (success
      for all copies).
      Added support for in-mount retries. On falure, the job will be
      requeued (with a chance to pick it up again) in the same session
      if sane session retries are not exceeded. Otherwise, the job is
      left owned by the session, to be picked up by the garbage collector
      at tape unmount.
      Made disk reporter generic, dealing with both success and failure.
      Improved mount policy support fir queueing.
      Expanded information avaible in popped element from archive queues.
      Added optional parameters to ArchiveRequest::asyncUpdateJobOwner() to
      cover various cases.
      Updated the archive job statuses.
      Clarified naming of functions (transfer/report failure instead of bare
      Updated garbage collector for new archive job statuses.
      Added support for report retries and batch reporting in the scheduler
      Updated obsolete wording in MigrationReportPacker log messages and error
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      Generalized queue type to "ToTransfer" "ToReport" "Failed". · 98281aa6
      Eric Cano authored
      "ToTransfer" are to be picked up by tape sessions.
      "ToReport" Includes both successes and failures to report, as the mechanism to report is the same.
         They will be handled by the reporter, which shares the single thread of the garbage collector.
      "Failed" Will be a (possibly non-queue) container which will contain the failed requests. The operators
         will be able to examine, relaunch or abandon those requests.
      The states and lifecycles of the requests have been reworked to reflect this lifecycle too.
      The container algorithmes have been adapted to handle the multiple queue/container types.
  24. 29 May, 2018 2 commits
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      Added new queue sets in RootEntry. · e21dd9f8
      Eric Cano authored
      We now have live (to be executed), failed and to be reported queues.
      Archive jobs have all three types, retrieve jobs do not have a to be reported
      queue. The RootEntry interface interface now provides the choice between the types.
      All uses are currently hardcoded to LiveJobs.
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      Added recording and reporting of job failure reasons. · fc963e95
      Eric Cano authored
      The error(s) gets recorded at failure time, and the list is printed at
      job deletion time.
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      Added new states for the drive: Probing and Shutdown. · e49e26b7
      Eric Cano authored
      The probe state is also used. It represents the time when the drive is being checked
      for tapes during the down to up transition.
      Shutdown is not in use yet as it requires changing the behaviour of the system (clean shutdowns).