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      Revert "[catalogue] cta/CTA#951 Fixed" · 94155bea
      Steven Murray authored
      This reverts commit 7c6609d2.
      The orginal commit is being reverted because it intentionally
      forced the "list contents of a tape" query to use indicies by
      replacing table joins with sub-queries.  These sub-queuries
      unfortunately turned out to be slower than the original query
      when it was executed in a "clean" environment and the database
      live memory cache was cold.  By "clean" environment I mean one
      without PARALLEL enabled on the following two tables:
      PARALLEL is enabled on these two tables when a CASTOR to CTA
      migration takes place.  It was left in place with the hope that
      it would not interferre with the day to day running of CTA.  This
      has now been proven to not be the case.
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