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      Created DiskReportRunner class. · 0654c5cd
      Eric Cano authored
      This class will handle reporting like the GarbageCollector class
      does for garbage collection.
      Adapted the interface of scheduler and ArchiveRequests to allow delegating
      reporting to the disk report runner.
      This commit is not functionnal. We still need to:
      - Implement the ToReport/Failed queues interface.
      - Adapt the queueing in the scheduler/ArchiveMount
      - Implement the popping of jobs to report.
      - Implement the async reporter for the files.
      - Develop the user interface for failed requests.
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  7. 26 May, 2017 3 commits
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      After feedback · d5a8098c
      Cristina Moraru authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarCristina Moraru <cristina-gabriela.moraru@cern.ch>
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      Implement RAO at the drive level #57 · c8b74a53
      Cristina Moraru authored
      This commit adds the feature of querying the drive for the
      Recommended Access Order (RAO) of a series of files and adds
      a test file for this feature.
      Changes of this commit:
        *  Extend the DriveInterface with a virtual method queryRAO
      which takes as parameter the name of the file containing a set
      of files for which the RAO is requested. The line format of this
      file is the following:
        *  Extend DriveGeneric class with the implementation of the
      method queryRAO, along with a few other auxiliary methods; some
      key auxiliary methods are getLimitUDS, generateRAO, receiveRAO
        *  Add method queryRAO in object FakeDrive returning Exception:
      Not Implemented
        *  Add auxiliary constants and structures in a new 'RAO' namespace
        *  Add test file: BasicReadWriteTest.cpp which can perform 3 tests
      according to the setting of variable 'test'
      	1. BLOCK_TEST - basic read / write of blocks
      	2. FILE_TEST - writes a series of CASTOR files and reads
      a random one
      	3. RAO_TEST - performs a RAO query for a series of files
      given in the filename specified in argv[1]. The file format should
      respect the above mentioned order.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarCristina Moraru <cristina-gabriela.moraru@cern.ch>