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      CASTOR-4801: Failed recall mount of tapeserverd is not propagated to disk IO threads · 82f9fcbc
      Eric Cano authored
      Created a new unit test to try and reproduce the problem seen here. It did not.
      The best explanation we have is a stuck file client. As we totally fail to read data
      from the tape, it makes no sense to open a file for which we have no data. So we deferred
      the file opening when the first memory block arrives from the tape thread. The outputs of the
      unit test showed that the file opening has been successfully deferred.
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      CASTOR-4751: tapeserverd does not report drive as empty and does not finish... · 2f97f2af
      Eric Cano authored
      CASTOR-4751: tapeserverd does not report drive as empty and does not finish client session if user does not have migration access-rights
      The error situation was already generating an exception, which went all the way to the caller
      of the data transfer session. It is now intercepted and the client is notified synchronously.
      The session now ends successfully (the drive was not touched).
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      CASTOR-4800: failed migration mount of tapeserverd is not propagted to disk IO threads · 3e668815
      Eric Cano authored
      We had a session ending mechanism for the tape and disk tasks in migrations, but it did not cover all the aspects of the tape thread (like in this ticket, mounting). In this case the disk thread was happily reading the data from disk, which the tape thread was putting to the bin.
      The signalling mechanism, attached to the task injector has now been passed to tape write thread itself, which signals the error condition when receiving any exception. If this came from a task as before, this is a no-op, but if we had a problem mounting, then the session will and immediately and disk threads will stop reading (also immediately).
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