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      Renamed the Log class to Logger and likewise the LogImplementation to · b09a3af3
      Steven Murray authored
      LoggerImplementation.  This then allowed me to rename the writeMsg()
      suit of functions to logMsg() which is much more clear.
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      The constructor of each C++ CASTOR daemon now takes a reference to Log object · a80c0bf1
      Steven Murray authored
      as a parameter.  The functions that create the CASTOR daemon objects all
      create a castor::log::LogImplementation object and pass it to the constructor
      of their corresponding CASTOR daemon object.  When unit testting, one now has
      the posibility to develop a dummy Log object that implements the interface
      with dummy or mock routines so that the unit tests can run without having to
      write to syslog or rsyslog which is a bit heavy for unit tests.  The
      castor::log::LogImplementation basically contains the logging code centered
      around syslog that was developed by Sebastien and Dennis.
      Please note that I now have to add one or more log functions to the base
      class of the CASTOR daemon objects, namely castor::server::BaseServer.
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      Fixed inheritance from std::exception (const correctness of what()). This... · 565c7a37
      Eric Cano authored
      Fixed inheritance from std::exception (const correctness of what()). This required declaring m_what mutable.
      Created a multithreaded unit test.
      Created an automatic exception thrower for unhandled errors.
      Ported from previous proof of concept the threading primitves and made them production level (with error checking).
      Added unit tests for threading primitives.
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    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Finished the support of partial compilation and packaging in cmake. · c369c3c2
      Eric Cano authored
       The full set of packages can be compiled straight with the following sequence:
         rm -rf ../build/; mkdir ../build; (cd ../build/; cmake ../castor-git/ ); make -C ../build/ castor_rpm
       The client packages can also be build directly by adding an option at cmake time:
         rm -rf ../build/; mkdir ../build; (cd ../build/; cmake -DCOMPILE_SERVER:STRING=0 ../castor-git/ ); make -C ../build/ castor_rpm
       Finally, one can use the srpm as a first step, and use the TeamCity compatible rpmbuild switch "clientonly":
         rm -rf ../build/; mkdir ../build; (cd ../build/; cmake ../castor-git/ ); make -C ../build/ castor_srpm
         buildtree=`mktemp -d`; mkdir -p ${buildtree}/{RPMS/{i386,i586,i686,x86_64},SPECS,BUILD,SOURCES,SRPMS};
         rpmbuild --define "_topdir ${buildtree}" --define "clientonly 1" --rebuild ../build/RPM/SRPMS/castor-2.1.14-4.el6.src.rpm
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