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      Added a concrete sub-class of castor::io::PollReactor · 4b4fc495
      Steven Murray authored
      This concrete implementation will hopefully be generic enough
      to be shared between the future tape server and remote media
      changer daemons.
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      Added the PollReactor and PollEventHandler classes to castor::io · 50e3c9e9
      Steven Murray authored
      The future tape server and remote media changer daemons will be single
      threaded.  They will therefore most probably use the poll() system call
      to handle multiple simultaneous I/O requests using a single thread. The
      Reactor architecture pattern described in the following book is one way
      to use poll() in a object-oriented way.  The PollReactor and
      PollEventHandler classes contribute towards implementing this pattern.
          Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume 2
          Patterns for Concurrent and Networked Objects
          Authors: Schmidt, Stal, Rohnert and Buschmann
          Publication date: 2000
          ISBN 0-471-60695-2
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