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      cta/CTA#144 Don't forget to replace temporary fix for XrdCtaFile::xCom_deletearchive() · a04d1d20
      Steven Murray authored
      This commit does two things.  Firstly it puts back the call from:
      Secondly it moves the reponsibility of logging the
      "Archive File Deleted" message from the CTA front-end (XrdCtaFile)
      to the CTA catalogue.
      Please note that Scheduler::deleteArchive() still does not call
  6. 14 Jul, 2017 2 commits
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      xCom_deletearchive does not call the object store · a4dfc24c
      Steven Murray authored
      This is a TEMPORARY modification to the  CTA front end.
      When an "eos rm" command is executed the xCom_deletearchive()
      method of the CTA front is called.  Before this commit the
      mthod would try to removed the archive file from both the
      object store and the CTA catalogue.  This took more than 15
      seconds to complete under som ecircumstances.  This commit
      removes the call to the object store.
      Please note that this commit will causes a leak in archive
      files.  If a file is "in-flight" and therefore has not yet
      been written to tape and recorded in the CTA catalogue
      then a call to "eos rm" will do nothing and the file will
      eventually appear in the CTA catalogue when it is written
      to tape.  The file will therefore NOT be in the EOS
      namespace but it WILL be in the CTA catalogue.
    • Victor Kotlyar's avatar
      Fix for negative numbers in cta sq "oldest age" output. · d6d534ae
      Victor Kotlyar authored
      Fill creationLog for archive and retrive requests in the frontend
      with actual data.
      Scheduler will use real data for the requests creation time.
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      cta/CTA#139 cta af ls --vid XXXXX command times out if there are many files on a tape · 72810551
      Steven Murray authored
      The CTA front-ends code for replying to requests is currently
      incompatible with streaming back large reply messages such as
      the contents of a tape.
      Executing the "cta" command-line tool results in the CTA
      front-end creating a temporary server side representation of
      a file.  The XrdCtaFile class implements this server side
      representation of a file.
      The constructor of the XrdCtaFile class generates the entire
      contents of the file in one shot.  The contents of the file
      are in fact the message a user of the "cta" command-line
      eventually sees on their screen (standard out).
      The entire single shot contents of the file are presented to
      the XRootD framework as a memory mapped file which is in
      fact a simple "one-shot" array of bytes.  This memory mapped
      file approach is implemented by the XrdCtaFile::getMmap()
      method returning SFS_OK and setting the Addr and Size
      This commit replaces the memory mapped file approach of
      XrdCtaFile::getMmap() with the stream interface approach of
      Please note that the CTA front-end is still not actually
      streaming the result of "cta af ls --vid XXXX".  This
      commit is one step closer.  The whole reply message is
      still generated in one shot by the constructor of
      XrdCtaFile.  The contents are however now streamed off
      to the "cta" command-line tool via multiple calls to
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