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      Bug #95189: Time discrepencies between disk servers and name servers can lead... · 06be8f71
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      Bug #95189: Time discrepencies between disk servers and name servers can lead to silent data loss on input
      - Properly use cns_file_metadata.stagertime as a single time source for stager open/close operations.
      This included modifying a server-side data structure, Cns_file_metadata, and the semantics of
      openx() and closex() along with their wire protocol: thus after this change only a new stager can
      talk to a new nameserver (i.e. no backwards- nor forwards-compatibility provided).
      - Introduced a CastorConfig table in the db with one configuration parameter, openmode, to decide
      whether to use the old 'Compatibility' mode as before or the 'New' mode as described above.
      - On the way, proper filling of cns_seg_metadata's creationtime, lastmodificationtime and gid fields has
      been implemented for logging/statistical purposes.
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      Removed some deadwood code from the xrootd plugin, after double · 21cab53e
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      checking with Elvin that it is not used.
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      Dropped the following Nameserver APIs: · 3f50c306
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      - Cns_setsegattrs
      - Cns_replacetapecopy
      - Cns_replaceormovetapecopy
      This is now deadwood as we moved the functionality to PL/SQL in 2.1.13.
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      Improved comment · 50ac9cfa
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