1. 04 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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  7. 06 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Implemented drive status support in drive register structure and code. · 56c4c332
      Eric Cano authored
      Added drive status reporting in scheduler
      Added drive status reporting in OStoreDB
      Added support for drive status listing in the front end
      Removed virtual functions from the Scheduler, which is never overloaded.
      Added DesiredDriveState structure to drive state.
      Removed usage of duplicate MountType, DriveStatus and DriveState structures.
      Created DriveInfo structure to allow recreation of drive register entry in all
      reporting situation (potentially with partial/assumed info).
  8. 03 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Victor Kotlyar's avatar
      Ported commits from castor/master: · 2c2f4a27
      Victor Kotlyar authored
        Add drive's serial number to logs
          ## Description
            Add the drive's serial number, as read by the SCSI Inquiry command
            to the SCSI metrics log lines.
          ## Changes
            * Add the line to the logs
            * Modify session test to check existence of the property in the log
            * line
  9. 30 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Victor Kotlyar's avatar
      Ported commits from castor/master for general,drive,volume SCSI statistics: · e8b4ec34
      Victor Kotlyar authored
        CASTOR-5322 RFE: Enhance tapeserverd logs with SCSI tape drive
        Fix for mhtvl scsi log sense exceptions
        CASTOR-5329 Enhance tape statistics
        CASTOR-5332 RFE: Reduce log level to INFO with MHVTL - SCSI Statistics
          could not be acquired from drive
        Move volume SCSI statistics inside the dtor of TapeCleaningMove volume
          SCSI statistics inside the dtor of TapeCleaning
        ## Description
        When first introduced volume SCSI Statistics (at the moment
        IBM-specific), we explicitly put the function after the unmount of the
        tape was done due to an invalid file descriptor error occurring during
        the SCSI query.
        This bug no longer occurs for IBM drives.
        This may be attributed to the update of firmware of the IBM drives
        Apart from the change of the position of the changes, there is no
        alteration in terms of the metrics reported from the drive to the logs.
        ## Testing
        The tests the new code has been through are:
          * Write/Read file on IBM lib0 drive *(older one)*
          * Write/Read file on IBM lib4 drive *(newer one)*
          * Write/Read file on Oracle T10k drive
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    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Partially fixed data transfer session unit test. · 9d2b9f3d
      Eric Cano authored
      Fixed libraby linking which led to multiple initialization of static variable (detected by valgrind's drd).
      Worked around cmake's failing dependency management for generated protocol buffer sources (double make in spec file).
      Partially fixed the first data transfer session unit test (still disabled).
      Fixed a typo in an error message.
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  23. 25 May, 2016 1 commit
    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Started morphing the code to accomodate both the move some data structure from... · 7724a676
      Eric Cano authored
      Started morphing the code to accomodate both the move some data structure from OStoreDB to catalogue and shared structures modifications.
      Renamed class members using underscode instead of mixed case.
      Removed mount criteria from in-memory tape pool representation.
      Removed support for path of archive files for in-memory representations.
      Removed all but maxDrives allowed from in-memory representation of mount
      Created new constructor for UserIdentity.
      Switch the UserIdentity used by RemoteFileStatus.
      Renamed TapePoolQueue to ArchiveQueue.
      Replaced CreationLog usages with EntryLog.
      Renamed TapeQueue to RetrieveQueue.
      Removed support for data now gone to catalogue from RootEntry.
      Removed corresponding structures from object store.
      Removed corresponding calls from SchedulerDatabase and inheriting
      classes (OStoreDB).
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  31. 20 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Various memory leaks cleanups · 0b10ccba
      Eric Cano authored
      Added rados library version validation and cleanup.
      Created a new shared library to ensure instantiation of singleton object supporting the former.
      Removed several double creations of drive objects in unit tests.
      Added cleanup for potentially unused drive objects in unit tests.
  32. 18 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • Eric Cano's avatar
      Replaced byte arrays with simple std::strings · b8b82fb5
      Eric Cano authored
      Added url style conversion of checksums
      Added support for checksums in mockNs
      Fixed support for checksums in the scheduler
      Re-instated several ASSERT_NO_THROW which were commented out during debugging.