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      Added a concrete sub-class of castor::io::PollReactor · 4b4fc495
      Steven Murray authored
      This concrete implementation will hopefully be generic enough
      to be shared between the future tape server and remote media
      changer daemons.
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      Added the PollReactor and PollEventHandler classes to castor::io · 50e3c9e9
      Steven Murray authored
      The future tape server and remote media changer daemons will be single
      threaded.  They will therefore most probably use the poll() system call
      to handle multiple simultaneous I/O requests using a single thread. The
      Reactor architecture pattern described in the following book is one way
      to use poll() in a object-oriented way.  The PollReactor and
      PollEventHandler classes contribute towards implementing this pattern.
          Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume 2
          Patterns for Concurrent and Networked Objects
          Authors: Schmidt, Stal, Rohnert and Buschmann
          Publication date: 2000
          ISBN 0-471-60695-2
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      Moved some tape::util functions into the CASTOR framework. · dfb52667
      Steven Murray authored
      This commit moves the following utility functions from the castor::tape::util
      namespace into the castor::util namespace:
        isValidUInt(char const*)
        splitString(std::string const&, char, std::vector<std::string, std::allocator<std::string> >&)
        timevalAbsDiff(timeval const&, timeval const&)
        timevalToDouble(timeval const&)  timevalGreaterThan(timeval const&, timeval const&)
        writeTime(std::ostream&, long, char const*)
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      Fixed the cmake default which did not select the build type that it said. · 6d1a4810
      Eric Cano authored
      The default is now really RelWithDebInfo.
      As a byproduct, the backtrace is now leak-free (the leaky line number feature (in SLC5) is only present in Debug builds).
      Relaxed the compilation for files with strict aliasing issues.
      Gave a default value to a few variables which might e used uninitialized.
      The unit tests hence pass again in SLC5.
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      Added the Daemon and MutlithreadedDaemon classes. The stager, tape gateway, · d166fdb5
      Steven Murray authored
      tape bridge and vdqm daemons will eventaully inherit from one of these new
      classes.  This commit is a step towards this goal.  Please note that this
      commit modifies the castor::rh::Server and castor::server::BaseDaemon classes
      in not so desirable ways.  The castor::rh::Server has been modified so that it
      does not use the MetricCollector class.  The castor::server::BaseDaemon class
      has been modified so that it does not use either the UDPListenerThreadPool or
      the MetricCollector class.  I will put back this code in another commit.
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      Finished the support of partial compilation and packaging in cmake. · c369c3c2
      Eric Cano authored
       The full set of packages can be compiled straight with the following sequence:
         rm -rf ../build/; mkdir ../build; (cd ../build/; cmake ../castor-git/ ); make -C ../build/ castor_rpm
       The client packages can also be build directly by adding an option at cmake time:
         rm -rf ../build/; mkdir ../build; (cd ../build/; cmake -DCOMPILE_SERVER:STRING=0 ../castor-git/ ); make -C ../build/ castor_rpm
       Finally, one can use the srpm as a first step, and use the TeamCity compatible rpmbuild switch "clientonly":
         rm -rf ../build/; mkdir ../build; (cd ../build/; cmake ../castor-git/ ); make -C ../build/ castor_srpm
         buildtree=`mktemp -d`; mkdir -p ${buildtree}/{RPMS/{i386,i586,i686,x86_64},SPECS,BUILD,SOURCES,SRPMS};
         rpmbuild --define "_topdir ${buildtree}" --define "clientonly 1" --rebuild ../build/RPM/SRPMS/castor-2.1.14-4.el6.src.rpm
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      castor/stager/daemon/CMakeLists.txt now builds all of its directory; however · 592e569b
      Steven Murray authored
      please note that the following Imakefile rule has not been translated into a
      corresponding CMakeLists.txt rule:
      This rule is part of the Imakefile being replaced by
      castor/stager/daemon/CMakeLists.txt and therefore this rule will have to be
      addressed at some point in the near future.