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    • Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar
      Fixed bug #103242 Incorrect evaluation of lastModificationTime leads to · 34206b29
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      double recalls + dark data.
      The dark data generation is prevented by creating a DiskCopy entry in
      all cases at the end of a recall.
      The false positives have been fixed in both NS 'native' and
      'compatibility' mode by always using the openTime when available
      and defaulting to the mtime as we used to do in 2.1.13. Clearly
      only in native mode can we exploit the microsecond precision.
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    • Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar
      Several fixes after the repack stress test: · 2faffec8
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      - more hints to avoid index FAST FULL SCANs
      - initialize varNSFileIds array to avoid 'ORA-06531' errors
      - renamed updateStagerTime to update2114Data: this procedure
        is supposed to be dropped after the Nameserver post-upgrade
        script is run and the newly introduced metadata is updated.
        The name reflects the fact that the procedure anticipates
        for Repack what the job in the post-upgrade script does
        in background for all files.
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    • Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar
      [Bug #95189] · d3f8e6ba
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      Fixed call to setSegmentsForFiles when in NS compatibility mode.
      Essentially in this case the CastorFile.lastUpdateTime timestamp
      has to be passed to the Nameserver for its concurrent
      modifications check as it was the case with version 2.1.13.
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    • Sebastien Ponce's avatar
      Refactoring of the disk to disk copy code. · 9bb2b135
      Sebastien Ponce authored
      This includes :
        - merge of d2dtransfer into diskmanagerd
        - drop of the WAITDISKTODISKCOPY state in DiskCopy, and of the diskcopies for ongoing replication in general. Now DiskCopies are only created at the end of the replication, when they actually exist on disk
        - drop of the StageReplicaRequest table and concept
        - introduction of the DiskToDiskCopyJob table, holding the list of ongoing disk to disk copies
        - a split of transferToSchedule into userTransferToSchedule and D2dTransferToSchedule
        - an according split in the dispatcher part of the transfer manager to call both methods. Note that with this commit, both methods fill the same FIFO queue of transfers and both take everything they can find without any throttling.
      At this stage, the draining facility is broken.
  17. 01 Jun, 2013 2 commits
    • Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar
      Bug #95189: Time discrepencies between disk servers and name servers can lead... · 06be8f71
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      Bug #95189: Time discrepencies between disk servers and name servers can lead to silent data loss on input
      - Properly use cns_file_metadata.stagertime as a single time source for stager open/close operations.
      This included modifying a server-side data structure, Cns_file_metadata, and the semantics of
      openx() and closex() along with their wire protocol: thus after this change only a new stager can
      talk to a new nameserver (i.e. no backwards- nor forwards-compatibility provided).
      - Introduced a CastorConfig table in the db with one configuration parameter, openmode, to decide
      whether to use the old 'Compatibility' mode as before or the 'New' mode as described above.
      - On the way, proper filling of cns_seg_metadata's creationtime, lastmodificationtime and gid fields has
      been implemented for logging/statistical purposes.
    • Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar
      Improved comment · 50ac9cfa
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
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    • Eric Cano's avatar
      bug #100246: Mount statistics broken · 026d333b
      Eric Cano authored
      Added extraction of information from the DB, so it can be propagated to the logs. The new recall log message now include the user involved (uid), and the retry counters.
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    • Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar
      Bug #99889: RFE: Enable support for read-only hardware · f7beb835
      Giuseppe Lo Presti authored
      - Introduced support for a READONLY state for Diskservers and Filesystems.
      Hardware in such a state will accept migrations, [PrepareTo]Get and
      DiskCopyReplica requests, and will not accept recalls or [PrepareTo]Put/Update
      ones when they switch to write mode.
      - Dropped the {DiskServer,FileSystem}.adminStatus fields and the obsoleted
      code around them and introduced a new DiskServer.hwOnline boolean field, which
      is updated by the heartbeat reports and displayed by printdiskserver.
      In turn, modifydiskserver can not change the online flag but only the status.
      For backward compatibility, on stager_qry -s a Diskserver will be reported
      as DISABLED if hwOnline = 0 regardless its status.
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