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      I have made m_foreground and m_commandLineHasBeenParsed private member variables · 1a8d0371
      Steven Murray authored
      of the following class:
      Subclasses now have a more explicit API for parsing the command-line.  They
      can delegate the task to the above Daemon class or they can implement there own
      parsing logic.  In the latter case the subclass must call the following
      Daemon method:
          castor::server::Daemon::setCommandLineParsed(bool foreground);
      This method makes it clear what the Daemon class needs to know from a parse of
      the command-line.  If a client subclass calls the getForeground() method of the
      Daemon class before callng setCommandLineParsed() then a CommandLineNotParsed
      exception shall be raised.
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      Added the following unit test: · a594dd27
      Steven Murray authored
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