Commit ffcbb119 authored by David COME's avatar David COME
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Taking into account the m_error flag in MigrationTaskInjector

In case of global error during migration, all requests (old or new one) for jobs are discarded
parent 539e58a4
......@@ -103,7 +103,9 @@ namespace daemon {
void MigrationTaskInjector::requestInjection(int maxFiles, int byteSizeThreshold, bool lastCall) {
castor::tape::threading::MutexLocker ml(&m_producerProtection);
m_queue.push(Request(maxFiles, byteSizeThreshold, lastCall));
if(!m_errorFlag) {
m_queue.push(Request(maxFiles, byteSizeThreshold, lastCall));
......@@ -134,9 +136,17 @@ namespace daemon {
} //end of while(1)
}//end of try
catch(const castor::tape::exceptions::ErrorFlag&){
//we end up there because a task screw up somewhere
m_parent.m_lc.log(LOG_ERR,"In MigrationTaskInjector::WorkerThread::run(): a task screw up, "
"finishing and discarding all tasks ");
//first send the end signal to the threads
//discard all the tasks !!
Request req = m_parent.m_queue.pop();
m_parent.m_lc.log(LOG_DEBUG, "Finishing MigrationTaskInjector thread");
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