Commit fd4283e0 authored by Michael Davis's avatar Michael Davis Committed by Cedric Caffy
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[LTO_RAO] Fixes unit tests

parent 801eefa1
......@@ -1049,7 +1049,7 @@ namespace unitTests {
ASSERT_EQ(0U, castor::tape::SCSI::Structures::toU32(requestSenseData.portIdentifier));
buff[37] = 0xF3; buff[38] = 0x2A; buff[39] = 0x94;
ASSERT_EQ(0xF32A94, castor::tape::SCSI::Structures::toU32(requestSenseData.portIdentifier) >> 8);
ASSERT_EQ(0xF32A94, castor::tape::SCSI::Structures::toU32(requestSenseData.portIdentifier));
ASSERT_EQ(0, requestSenseData.relativeTgtPort);
buff[40] = 0x7;
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