Commit fbeedb47 authored by Cedric Caffy's avatar Cedric Caffy
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The log message "OStoreDB::fetchMountInfo(): fetched a retrieve queue" is now...

The log message "OStoreDB::fetchMountInfo(): fetched a retrieve queue" is now displayed only if the fetch lasts more than 1 seconds
parent b9f1065f
......@@ -458,7 +458,9 @@ void OStoreDB::fetchMountInfo(SchedulerDatabase::TapeMountDecisionInfo& tmdi, Ro
.add("queueLockTime", queueLockTime)
.add("queueFetchTime", queueFetchTime)
.add("processingTime", processingTime);
logContext.log(log::INFO, "In OStoreDB::fetchMountInfo(): fetched a retrieve queue.");
if(queueLockTime > 1 || queueFetchTime > 1){
logContext.log(log::WARNING, "In OStoreDB::fetchMountInfo(): fetched a retrieve queue and that lasted more than 1 second.");
// Collect information about the existing and next mounts
// If a next mount exists the drive "counts double", but the corresponding drive
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