Commit fb2e0ea2 authored by Steven Murray's avatar Steven Murray
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Changed 'catch (cta::exception::Exception ex)' to 'catch...

Changed 'catch (cta::exception::Exception ex)' to 'catch (cta::exception::Exception &ex)' in order to avoid error: catching polymorphic type ‘class cta::exception::Exception’
parent 28e962e4
......@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@ void castor::tape::tapeserver::daemon::TapeWriteSingleThread::run() {
m_stats.encryptionControlTime += timer.secs(cta::utils::Timer::resetCounter);
catch (cta::exception::Exception ex) {
catch (cta::exception::Exception &ex) {
cta::log::ScopedParamContainer params(m_logContext);
params.add("ErrorMessage", ex.getMessage().str());
m_logContext.log(cta::log::ERR, "Drive encryption could not be enabled for this mount.");
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