Commit f2c50fb2 authored by Cedric Caffy's avatar Cedric Caffy
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[tape lifecycle] Corrected the repack system test disabled tape

parent abd9d9c9
......@@ -104,8 +104,8 @@ repackDisableTape() {
if [ "$VID_TO_REPACK" != "null" ]
echo "Marking the tape ${VID_TO_REPACK} as disabled"
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctacli -- cta-admin tape ch --disabled true --vid ${VID_TO_REPACK}
echo "Marking the tape ${VID_TO_REPACK} as DISABLED"
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctacli -- cta-admin tape ch --state DISABLED --reason "Repack disabled tape test" --vid ${VID_TO_REPACK}
echo "Waiting 20 seconds so that the RetrieveQueueStatisticsCache is flushed"
sleep 20
echo "Launching the repack request test on VID ${VID_TO_REPACK}"
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