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Updated ready for release v3.1-4

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......@@ -472,6 +472,13 @@ Currently contains a helper for the client-ar script, which should be installed
%attr(0755,root,root) /usr/bin/cta-client-ar-abortPrepare
* Fri Aug 7 2020 steven.murray (at) - 3.1-4
- cta/CTA#858 Remove dependency between the cta-migration-tools RPM and librados2
- cta/CTA#857 Remove unnecessary LEFT OUTER JOIN clauses from the CTA catalogue
- cta/CTA#852 Fixing sqlite CI use case
- cta/CTA#850 [repack] If the --no-recall flag is passed to the repack request submission the --disabled-flag test should not be done.
- cta/CTA#846 cta-admin tapefile ls: list by fileid
- cta/CTA#840 Remove cta-objectstore-unfollow-agent from cta-objectstore-tools
* Fri Jul 31 2020 julien.leduc (at) - 3.1-3
- Upstream eos 4.8.10-1
- Added --no-recall option to cta-admin repack command
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