Commit f072ebd4 authored by Steven Murray's avatar Steven Murray
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Added missing absolutemaxagesecs entry to the cta-fst-gcd.conf.example file

parent 376107d0
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ logfile = /var/log/eos/fst/cta-fst-gcd.log ; Path of garbage collector log file
mgmhost = HOSTNAME.2NDLEVEL.TOPLEVEL ; Fully qualified host name of EOS MGM
minfreebytes = 10000000000 ; Minimum number of free bytes a filesystem should have
gcagesecs = 7200 ; Age at which a file can be considered for garbage collection
absolutemaxagesecs = 604800 ; Age at which a file will be considered for garbage collection no matter the amount of free space
queryperiodsecs = 310 ; Delay in seconds between free space queries to the local file systems
mainloopperiodsecs = 300 ; Period in seconds of the main loop of the cta-fst-gcd daemon
xrdsecssskt = /etc/eos.keytab ; Path to simple shared secret to authenticate with EOS MGM
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