Commit ef4b21fe authored by Eric Cano's avatar Eric Cano
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CASTOR-4839 tapeserverd: task injector should decide on closing the session earlier

Added a the new criteria (less that half the work asked for) for ending the session for migrations.
The symetric for recalls is not possible currently as we do not know the file size beforehand in recalls (it is found out from data on tape).
parent a69e9a59
......@@ -198,7 +198,31 @@ namespace daemon {
m_parent.m_lc.log(LOG_INFO,"In MigrationTaskInjector::WorkerThread::run(): got empty list, but not last call");
} else {
// Accumulate the content of the work to do, so we stop if there is
// than half what we asked for.
uint64_t totalSize = 0;
uint64_t filesCount = 0;
for(std::vector<tapegateway::FileToMigrateStruct*>::iterator f =
f != filesToMigrateList->filesToMigrate().end(); f++) {
totalSize += (*f)->fileSize();
// Inject the tasks
// Decide on continuation
if(filesCount < req.nbMaxFiles / 2 && totalSize < req.byteSizeThreshold) {
// The client starts to dribble files at a low rate. Better finish
// the session now, so we get a clean batch on a later mount.
log::ScopedParamContainer params(m_parent.m_lc);
params.add("filesRequested", req.nbMaxFiles)
.add("bytesRequested", req.byteSizeThreshold)
.add("filesReceived", filesCount)
.add("bytesReceived", totalSize);
m_parent.m_lc.log(LOG_INFO, "Got less than half the requested work to do: triggering the end of session.");
} //end of while(1)
}//end of try
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