Commit ed316499 authored by Julien Leduc's avatar Julien Leduc Committed by Eric Cano
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Please refer any DNS name with short name as FQDN depends on namespace name.

parent 5037dfda
......@@ -43,13 +43,13 @@ executeRepack() {
echo "Changing the tape $1 to FULL status"
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctacli -- cta-admin ta ch -v $1 -f true
echo "Creating the eos directory to put the retrieve files from the repack request"
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctacli -- rm -rf root://ctaeos.cta.svc.cluster.local//eos/ctaeos/repack
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctacli -- rm -rf root://ctaeos//eos/ctaeos/repack
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctaeos -- eos mkdir /eos/ctaeos/repack
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctaeos -- eos chmod 1777 /eos/ctaeos/repack
echo "Removing an eventual previous repack request for tape $1"
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctacli -- cta-admin re rm -v $1
echo "Launching the repack request on tape $1"
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctacli -- cta-admin re add -v $1 -m -b root://ctaeos.cta.svc.cluster.local//eos/ctaeos/repack
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctacli -- cta-admin re add -v $1 -m -b root://ctaeos//eos/ctaeos/repack
while test 0 = `kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctacli -- cta-admin re ls -v $1 | grep -E "Complete|Failed" | wc -l`; do
echo "Waiting for repack request on tape $1 to be complete: Seconds passed = $SECONDS_PASSED"
......@@ -104,4 +104,4 @@ echo
echo "Summary of the repack requests"
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec ctacli -- cta-admin re ls -h
echo "End of test simple_repack"
\ No newline at end of file
echo "End of test simple_repack"
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