Commit e4a2e3a8 authored by Julien Leduc's avatar Julien Leduc
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using /opt/eos/xrootd/bin/xrootd if needed by eos-server

parent 6e4ed742
......@@ -164,11 +164,15 @@ else
test -e /usr/lib64/ && echo "Using jemalloc for EOS processes"
test -e /usr/lib64/ && export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/
# Using /opt/eos/xrootd/bin/xrootd if it exists
# this is valid for CI because eos-xrootd rpm is pulled as a dependency of eos-server only if needed
# ie: specified at build time in EOS CI.
XRDPROG=/usr/bin/xrootd; test -e /opt/eos/xrootd/bin/xrootd && XRDPROG=/opt/eos/xrootd/bin/xrootd
# start and setup eos for xrdcp to the ${CTA_TEST_DIR}
#/etc/init.d/eos start
/usr/bin/xrootd -n mq -c /etc/ -l /var/log/eos/ -b -Rdaemon
/usr/bin/xrootd -n mgm -c /etc/ -m -l /var/log/eos/xrdlog.mgm -b -Rdaemon
/usr/bin/xrootd -n fst -c /etc/ -l /var/log/eos/xrdlog.fst -b -Rdaemon
${XRDPROG} -n mq -c /etc/ -l /var/log/eos/ -b -Rdaemon
${XRDPROG} -n mgm -c /etc/ -m -l /var/log/eos/xrdlog.mgm -b -Rdaemon
${XRDPROG} -n fst -c /etc/ -l /var/log/eos/xrdlog.fst -b -Rdaemon
if [ "-${CI_CONTEXT}-" == '-systemd-' ]; then
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