Commit cb0bcefb authored by Steven Murray's avatar Steven Murray
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Added valgrind test of /usr/bin/cta-rdbmsUnitTests for PostgreSQL

parent ac479e14
......@@ -158,6 +158,7 @@ dbunittests_postgresql:
- echo 'postgresql:postgresql://cta@localhost/cta' > ${CTA_CATALOGUE_CONF}
- /usr/bin/cta-catalogue-schema-create ${CTA_CATALOGUE_CONF}
- /usr/bin/cta-rdbmsUnitTests ${CTA_CATALOGUE_CONF}
- valgrind /usr/bin/cta-rdbmsUnitTests ${CTA_CATALOGUE_CONF}
- runuser -u postgres -- ${POSTGRES_BIN}/pg_ctl stop -D ${POSTGRESQL_DATA_DIR}
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