Commit bab0e672 authored by Eric Cano's avatar Eric Cano
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Fixed wrong order in member variables initialzation (and avoided member-to-memeber initialization)

parent 763314f8
......@@ -70,16 +70,16 @@ private:
class DiskReadWorkerThread: private castor::tape::threading::Thread {
DiskReadWorkerThread(DiskReadThreadPool & manager):
m_threadID(m_parent.m_nbActiveThread++),m_parent(manager),m_lc(m_parent.m_lc) {
DiskReadWorkerThread(DiskReadThreadPool & parent):
m_parent(parent),m_threadID(parent.m_nbActiveThread++),m_lc(m_parent.m_lc) {
log::LogContext::ScopedParam param(m_lc, log::Param("threadID", m_threadID));
m_lc.log(LOG_INFO,"DiskWrite Thread created");
void startThreads() { start(); }
void waitThreads() { wait(); }
const int m_threadID;
DiskReadThreadPool & m_parent;
const int m_threadID;
castor::log::LogContext m_lc;
virtual void run();
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