Commit b614e812 authored by Cedric Caffy's avatar Cedric Caffy
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Activated stdout output for...

Activated stdout output for getNextMountWithArchiveForUserAndArchiveForRepackShouldReturnBothMountsArchiveMinRequestAge test
parent e1feac6f
......@@ -5346,14 +5346,14 @@ TEST_P(SchedulerTest, getQueuesAndMountSummariesTest)
//This test tests what is described in the use case ticket
// high priority Archive job not scheduled when Repack is running :
TEST_P(SchedulerTest, getNextMountWithArchiveForUserAndArchiveForRepackShouldReturnBothMountsArchiveMinRequestAge){
using namespace cta;
using namespace cta;
using namespace cta::objectstore;
auto &catalogue = getCatalogue();
auto &scheduler = getScheduler();
auto &schedulerDB = getSchedulerDB();
cta::objectstore::Backend& backend = schedulerDB.getBackend();
log::StdoutLogger dl("dummy", "unitTest");
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