Commit b493aa20 authored by Steven Murray's avatar Steven Murray
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Removed Daniele's temporarily circumvention of EOS authorization from DiskFile.cpp

parent e55041f2
......@@ -381,11 +381,8 @@ XrootReadFile::XrootReadFile(const std::string &xrootUrl, uint16_t timeout):
XrootBaseReadFile(timeout) {
// Setup parent's variables
m_readPosition = 0;
m_URL = xrootUrl + "?eos.ruid=0&eos.rgid=0"; // TODO: the second part of this string has been added by Daniele
// to temporarily circumvent EOS authorization, while plugging
// everything together to run a full system test. When preparing
// this code for production this line should simply be:
// m_URL = xrootUrl;
m_URL = xrootUrl;
// and simply open
using XrdCl::OpenFlags;
XrootClEx::throwOnError(m_xrootFile.Open(m_URL, OpenFlags::Read, XrdCl::Access::None, m_timeout),
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