Commit b1b153de authored by Elvin Sindrilaru's avatar Elvin Sindrilaru
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XROOTD: Fix log message argument order which was causing a crash

parent 1b43a520
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ XrdxCastor2Fs::Disc(const XrdSecEntity* client)
GetIdMapping(client, client_uid, client_gid);
bool status = true;
XrdOucErrInfo error;
xcastor_info("tident=%s abort %i requests", req_abrt.size(), client->tident);
xcastor_info("tident=%s abort %i requests", client->tident, req_abrt.size());
// We also need to delete the elements from the vector
for (std::vector<xcastor::XrdxCastorClient::ReqElement*>::iterator iter =
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