Commit ab394d66 authored by Eric Cano's avatar Eric Cano
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Added missing catch of CTA exceptions in TapeWriteSingleThread.

Added protection agains creation of checksums of the wrong size and added casts where needed.
parent 3f07c7b4
......@@ -60,7 +60,21 @@ public:
* @param val A numeric value to store in the byte array.
template <typename t>
Checksum(const ChecksumType &type, t val): m_type(type) { setNumeric(val); }
Checksum(const ChecksumType &type, t val): m_type(type) {
switch (m_type) {
if (sizeof(t) != 4) {
std::stringstream err;
err << "In Checksum::Checksum(type,value): unexpected value size="
<< sizeof(t) << " expected=4";
throw cta::exception::Exception(err.str());
throw cta::exception::Exception("In Checksum::Checksum(type,value): unsupported type for any value");
* String based constructor.
......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ bool DiskWriteTask::execute(RecallReportPacker& reporter,log::LogContext& lc,
} //end of while(1)
logWithStat(LOG_INFO, "File successfully transfered to disk",lc);
m_retrieveJob->transferredSize = m_stats.dataVolume;
m_retrieveJob->transferredChecksum = cta::Checksum(cta::Checksum::CHECKSUMTYPE_ADLER32, checksum);
m_retrieveJob->transferredChecksum = cta::Checksum(cta::Checksum::CHECKSUMTYPE_ADLER32, (uint32_t)checksum);
m_stats.transferTime = transferTime.secs();
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
#include "castor/tape/tapeserver/daemon/TapeWriteSingleThread.hpp"
#include "castor/tape/tapeserver/daemon/MigrationTaskInjector.hpp"
#include "shift/serrno.h"
......@@ -310,7 +311,73 @@ void castor::tape::tapeserver::daemon::TapeWriteSingleThread::run() {
logWithStats(LOG_INFO, "Tape thread complete",
catch(const cta::exception::Exception& e){
//we end there because write session could not be opened
//or because a task failed or because flush failed
// First off, indicate the problem to the task injector so it does not inject
// more work in the pipeline
// If the problem did not originate here, we just re-flag the error, and
// this has no effect, but if we had a problem with a non-file operation
// like mounting the tape, then we have to signal the problem to the disk
// side and the task injector, which will trigger the end of session.
// We can still update the session stats one last time (unmount timings
// should have been updated by the RAII cleaner/unmounter).
// If we reached the end of tape, this is not an error (ENOSPC)
try {
// If it's not the error we're looking for, we will go about our business
// in the catch section. dynamic cast will throw, and we'll do ourselves
// if the error code is not the one we want.
const castor::exception::Errnum & en =
dynamic_cast<const castor::exception::Errnum &>(e);
if(en.errorNumber()!= ENOSPC) {
throw 0;
// This is indeed the end of the tape. Not an error.
} catch (...) {
// The error is not an ENOSPC, so it is, indeed, an error.
// If we got here with a new error, currentErrorToCount will be non-empty,
// and we will pass the error name to the watchdog.
if(currentErrorToCount.size()) {
//first empty all the tasks and circulate mem blocks
while(1) {
std::unique_ptr<TapeWriteTask> task(m_tasks.pop());
if(task.get()==NULL) {
// Prepare the standard error codes for the session
std::string errorMessage(e.getMessageValue());
int errorCode(SEINTERNAL);
// Override if we got en ENOSPC error (end of tape)
// This is
try {
const castor::exception::Errnum & errnum =
dynamic_cast<const castor::exception::Errnum &> (e);
if (ENOSPC == errnum.errorNumber()) {
errorCode = ENOSPC;
errorMessage = "End of migration due to tape full";
} catch (...) {}
// then log the end of write thread
log::ScopedParamContainer params(m_logContext);
params.add("status", "error")
.add("ErrorMesage", errorMessage);
m_stats.totalTime = totalTimer.secs();
logWithStats(LOG_INFO, "Tape thread complete",
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ namespace daemon {
// Record the fSeq in the tape session
m_archiveJob->nameServerTapeFile.checksum =
cta::Checksum(cta::Checksum::CHECKSUMTYPE_ADLER32, ckSum);
cta::Checksum(cta::Checksum::CHECKSUMTYPE_ADLER32, (uint32_t)ckSum);
m_archiveJob->nameServerTapeFile.compressedSize = m_taskStats.dataVolume;
m_archiveJob->nameServerTapeFile.tapeFileLocation.blockId = output->getBlockId();
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