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Removed the changelog entries for 4.0-2 from The updated version...

Removed the changelog entries for 4.0-2 from  The updated version of these should be put back when the next release is made
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......@@ -491,13 +491,6 @@ Currently contains a helper for the client-ar script, which should be installed
%attr(0755,root,root) /usr/bin/cta-client-ar-abortPrepare
* Mon Feb 22 2021 julien.leduc (at) - 4.0-2
- Upgraded EOS to 4.8.39
- Upgraded eos-xrootd to 4.12.7
- cta/CTA#966 Unable to distinguish empty and wrong tape pool
- cta/CTA#930 Batched the queueing and the deleting of the repack subrequests
- cta/CTA#926 Improve MigrationReportPacker::ReportSkipped::execute() exception message
- cta/CTA#669 cta-taped now display the correct error message when the drive device does not exist
* Fri Feb 05 2021 julien.leduc (at) - 4.0-1
- cta/CTA#964 Adds failure log messages to processCLOSEW in CTA Frontend
- When the operator submits a tape to repack, a check is done about the tape state before queueing the repack request to ensure it can be repacked
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