Commit a5ed671b authored by Michael Davis's avatar Michael Davis
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cta/CTA#1002 Don't requeue report jobs when reportType is NoReportRequired

parent 79d60213
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ void cta::ArchiveJob::validate(){
// ArchiveJob::reportURL
// ArchiveJob::exceptionThrowingReportURL
std::string cta::ArchiveJob::exceptionThrowingReportURL() {
switch (m_dbJob->reportType) {
......@@ -4875,6 +4875,12 @@ void OStoreDB::ArchiveJob::failReport(const std::string& failureReason, log::Log
typedef EnqueueingNextStep::NextStep NextStep;
EnqueueingNextStep enQueueingNextStep =
m_archiveRequest.addReportFailure(tapeFile.copyNb, m_mountId, failureLog, lc);
// Don't re-queue the job if reportType is set to NoReportRequired. This can happen if a previous
// attempt to report failed due to an exception, for example if the file was deleted on close.
if(reportType == ReportType::NoReportRequired) {
enQueueingNextStep.nextStep = NextStep::StoreInFailedJobsContainer;
// First set the job status
m_archiveRequest.setJobStatus(tapeFile.copyNb, enQueueingNextStep.nextStatus);
// Now apply the decision.
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